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Sullivan County New York

Maps of Monticello : Beers Atlas 1875 | Sanborn Fire Maps 1887 to 1949
Monticello remembers Lt. John Calvin Crawford, lost in Viet Nam 1936-1967
Monticello Village Managers: Comparison of contracts, salaries, severance pay, and benefits, 1954 to present.
Residents in Sullivan County federal census records enumerated as "Black" or "Mulatto", 1860 to 1920
The Monument, The Maiden, And The Minister Miss Jenny Lee Niven and her husbands, August 1, 2008
Retrospect by John Conway: "The Hidden Woman Mystery Endures" forthcoming book by Tom Rue, July 25, 2008
The breadth of Broadway report by Tom Rue to Village Attorney; summary; cases; cover letter, July 7, 2008
Local history quiz: Win a free copy of The History of Sullivan County by James Eldridge Quinlan, June 30, 2008
Sullivan Masonic District Historian 2008-2010 June 1, 2008
Photos of Village of Monticello Bicentennial parade and easel displays September 25 and 29, 2004
Minorities invisible in bicentennial journal (opinion), September 2004
A few historical items pertaining to Bridgeville County of Sullivan, State of New York
Monticello responds to September 11, 2001 candle-lit vigil on Broadway
The 1998 Village of Monticello election in context of current events news ips MS Word document
Remembering Chief Judge Lawrence H. Cooke 1914 to 2000
The People's Voice three sample issues, 1998
The Lawrence H. Cooke Sullivan County Courthouse 1997 dedication program
Over 700 well-wishers at Sheriff Joe Wasser's retirement 1997 newspaper account
SullCounty listserv and zipped website 1996-2000
Proposal to dissolve or consolidate the Village (not adopted) 1995
Proposed city charter for Monticello (not adopted) 1995 Acrobat document
Village of Monticello Commission on Human Rights Local Law 8 of 1993, rescinded by Local Law 5 of 2005
Honoring the Minisink dead editorial on Highland's memorial services, with replies, July 27, 1989
History of the Delaware Community Center Callicoon, New York, newsletter by Tom Rue, 1988
The River Law 10 years later the 'wild and scenic' Upper Delaware, The River Reporter, October 6, 1988
Mayor Luis deHoyos: The LaGuardia of the Catskills 1892 to 1985
A few pages from the history of the First Church Presybyterian of Monticello 1960
Monticello Amusement Park fun for flappers
The Hotel Rockwell destroyed in the fire of August 10, 1909
Monticello In Flames 75 buildings wiped out on the night of August 10, 1909
The 143rd Regiment at Camp Holley and in the Civil War Monticello, New York
Monticello's Founders from a sesquicentennial Historical Journal, 1954
Masons to join with resort owners in honoring Gen. John Sullivan June 2-4, 1950
How they got here: Turnpikes, iron horse, horseless carriages
David Hammond family tree a continuation of the above article
1902 Milanville Bridge history and renovations, Upper Delaware above Skinners Falls, 1986-1992
1810 Census heads-of-household population schedules of Sullivan County
Survey of the Newburgh and Cochecton Turnpike, Liber 18 of Deeds, pp. 325-336, filed 13 June 1807, Ulster County Court House at Kingston by William A. Thompson, Esq. (11 pages, 16MB) Acrobat document
Articles from The River Reporter by Tom Rue, 1985-2001
Columns from The River Reporter by Bert Feldman, 1982-1999


Old Monticello postcards various dates
Photos in Souvenir of Monticello Masonic Fair and Carnival July 20-23, 1920
Broadway storefronts before NYS DOT renovation August 2008

Freemasonry in Sullivan County

Sullivan Masonic District Historian appointed by RW John P. Wells, 2008-2010
Freemasonry in Sullivan County, New York Monticello Lodge #532 website, maintained by Tom Rue, 1996-present
Early Freemasonry in Sullivan County and History of Monticello Lodge #532 book by Alvin O. Benton, 1942

External links relating to Sullivan County history

Sullivan Retrospect archive of Sullivan County Historian John Conway, The Sullivan County Democrat
Sullivan County GenWeb online genealogical resources
Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum Hurleyville
Between The Lakes digital republishing of local histories

Near Sullivan County

Middletown State Homeopathic Hospital publications and photos, various dates
Souvenir of Coe Hill School, 1912, Davenport Township, Delaware County, New York
Delightful detours in Wayne and Pike Counties Pennsylvania magazine, by Doug Hay & Tom Rue, 1988
A history of Innisfree in Milanville, Wayne, County, Pennsylvania, 1970-1995
The Revolution by Susan B. Anthony (newspaper), February 4, 1869 edition; with more on women's history


Sullivan County cemeteries spreadsheets, photos, and articles
Pioneer cemetery is rescued Litts cemetery at Sleepy Hollow, south of Monticello
Who cares about an old cemetery? Litts cemetery in disrepair ST. JOHN'S REPAIR PROGRAM:
Order of events at St. John's Cemetery, Monticello, August 12, 1996 [ PHOTOS ]
Welcome by Anthony Lubniewski on behalf of the Master of Monticello Masonic Lodge, August 12, 1996
Introduction by Tom Rue at St. John's Cemetary, August 12, 1996
Keeping up with the Joneses remarks by Judge Burton Ledina, August 12, 1996
Building today's community remarks by Dr. Bob Havlena, D.S.W., August 12, 1996
Proclamation of the NYS Senate on the Joneses and local Freemasonry, August 12, 1996
Standing up the Joneses The River Reporter , August 15, 1996
Graveside service for a founding family, The River Reporter , August 8, 1996
Letter from NYS Senator Charles D. Cook regarding John P. Jones, June 14, 1996
Account of a meeting on the restoration of historic graves, June 13, 1996

Research Methods

Discrepancies in vital records and indexes at the NJ State Archives March 10-2001
Genealogy as a tool for self-knowledge and family therapy article, November 1, 1998

New Jersey and Nearby

Terrorist attack on Manhattan photos after September 11, 2001 and related texts
Trenton water crisis sabotage left New Jersey's capital city high and dry for a week, September 1975
Photos of The Mostyn Club, American servicemen's club in London, 1942-1943
The Arrows Athletic Club of Somerville, N.J. from Somerset Messenger Gazette, 1915-1921
Memories of Paul Robeson by Samuel Woldin and others, 1976-1994
Celebrating Abbie Hoffman's life at Washington's Crossing, Pennsylvania, June 10, 1989
Society for Historial Education, Inc. incorporated under the laws of New Jersey, 1982

U.S. History and Politics ("All politics are local.")

Former defense secretary Robert McFarlane speaks SUNY-Sullivan, The River Reporter, May 21, 1987
Space ship disaster stuns area students Challenger explosion, The River Reporter, January 30, 1986
Articles of Belief by Benjamin Franklin, 1728 (at age 26)
A few links on the Electoral College Was 'vox populi' at all a factor in the 2000 Presidential election?
National leaders as psychological poison containers op-ed, December 13, 1998
Are tobacco interests behind the persection of Clinton? editorial, October 4, 1998
Clinton's lies strain the integrity of the legal system editorial, September 12, 1998
Let no holds be barred in opposing international terror editorial, August 28, 1998
Three lights: princess, saint, philosopher Lady Di, Mother Theresa & Viktor Frankl, September 11, 1997
Letters in support of Hon. Nelson Mandela and speech to the General Assembly of the U.N., June 22, 1990

Monticello Historical Summary

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