Bert Feldman - noted penguin and friend


Bert Feldman was senior editor of The River Reporter and previously was senior editor of the Sullivan County Democrat. He was an adjunct professor of history at Sullivan County Community College, official Town of Bethel Historian, and a former sheriff's deputy who worked the long weekend at the Woodstock festival of 1969. A trait which he carried into each of these roles was his integrity and the pride that he took in the craft of writing - cranking out a seemingly endless flow of columns, for the pittance that the newspaper paid.

Many who knew Bert saw the collection of penguin figurines that he and Anne kept in their home. He recalled more than once how it was that friends and relatives began showering him with the arctic bird statues. In the court transcript of his landmark First Amendment lawsuit against Town of Bethel supervisor George Neuhaus, Bert's attorney was quoted as describing the Plaintiff as "a well known peenie weenie and a noted penguin" - the last word most likely a mis-transcription of for "person" and the remainder a mystery. But the appellation stuck, perhaps partly because Bert was short in stature and it wasn't hard to imagine in him a resemblance to a portly little fellow waddling around an iceberg.

Bert was a good friend. Memories include the phone ringing one Saturday morning with no warning, asking if Carmen and I would like to join him and Anne on an expedition to a used bookstore near Albany. This was followed by a day in the back seat of their Volvo of being regaled by stories and jokes. He and Anne were always pleased to attend family events and he responded favorably to almost any invitation to speak in public. He loved language. He loved to talk. It was also Bert who introduced me to the Masonic fraternity.

This directory contains a small selection of his columns, placed online with the permission of his widow, Anne. It seems noteworthy, however, to recall that Bert never owned a computer, preferring to do ply his craft with an old Remington manual, as shown below.

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Bert Feldman, 1922-1999 . . .
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