Writing, Editing, and Web Development

Regardless of where in the world you are, I am available to help you with English language writing or editing jobs via the Internet. Examples might include editing or consulting on academic papers, advertising or promotion for business or nonprofit organizations, collaborating on content for websites or print publications, copy editing, etc. I am proficient with Paint Shop Pro X, Photoshop CS, and Dreamweaver MX 2004 and offer graphic services for websites. I host this site on Windows Server 2003 and can offer FTP connections to help ease communication between us, as well as other online services. If you prefer, you may also upload large files directly to me via an easy web interface, or we can engage in collaborative writing or revisions via password-protected wiki pages.

Contact me if interested, to discuss your needs and fee arrangements.

Here are a few samples of work that I've done over the years.

> News items published in The River Reporter and elsewhere, starting 1985, on topics including but not limited to mental health, family living, human development, human services, law, society, civil rights, environmental issues, politics, holiday themes, crime, and a host of other topics. I also developed the present website of The River Reporter (now maintained by newspaper staff), and was the paper's first business manager and a contributing editor for 15 years.

> Mental health and human development articles at While it's noted there that I am a licensed mental health counselor, credentialed alcohol substance abuse counselor, and school guidance counselor in the State of New York, readers of articles such as these are advised to consult their own healthcare professionals for advice particular to their needs.

>College teaching experience has included work as an adjunct or associate professor for Marist College, Mercy College, and SUNY-Sullivan. Classes that I have taught, where I used not only my own writing and research skills, but instructed and graded students, included Research Methodology, Humanistic Psychology, and Introduction to Self-Management.

> Powerpoint slideshows, such as this: Attention Deficit Disorder and addiction (2001), which displays best with MS Internet Explorer. Or download it as a PPS file. A free Powerpoint Viewer is available here free)

>Local history for the websites of the Village of Monticello (formerly located at [press release]) and the Monticello Masonic Lodge [press release], for each of which I did or still do serve as webmaster and primary developer of content. Also see

>Services for PINS Youth: A descriptive analysis of services in agencies and schools in Sullivan County, New York, post-graduate paper, Rider University, 1999.

>Genealogy as a tool for self-knowledge and family therapy, 1998. This article is widely cited on the web with more than 2,500 links to it appearing in google. I have had a signficant experience conducting genealogical research on my own families, as well as professionally for others. While I do not presently conduct such research as a specialty service, there there have been instances where the background has proven useful.

>Human services acronyms, 1996, on the website of the Columbia University School of Social Work.

>When a child breaks the law, originally in The River Reporter in 1989, subsequently republished by the American Counseling Association in The Advocate [press release].

>Celebrating Abbie Hoffman's life, after attending a 1989 memorial concert following his suicide, held at Washington's Crossing State Park near New Hope, Pennsylvania.

>History of the Delaware Community Center in Callicoon, New York; written in 1988 while I was president of that nonprofit organization's volunteer board of directors, for a newsletter that I edited and published which was mailed to residents of the Delaware Valley Central School District (since absorbed into Sullivan West CSD).

> Masters thesis: Gender differences in levels of androgyny as reflected in styles of expressing anger in marriage, Rider University, 1985.

> Letters, editorials, and public comment on a range of public issues.

My resume is available for your review, along with a Who's Who listing published a few years ago.

Let me know how I can assist you or your organization.