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     Author:         Cruise, Robin.
     Title:          The Nuclear Disaster at Chernobyl
     Published:      Take Ten Books, c1993, c1997
     Description:    Paperback and cassette kit. 
     Subjects:       Radioactive Pollution -- Nuclear Energy -- Soviet Union. 
     ISBN:           1562540998 (paperback)
     Relevant URLs:

Author: Cruise, Robin. Title: Matchpoint Published: Take Ten Book Series, Demco Media, c1993, c1997 Description: Notes: Subjects: Fiction -- Youth -- Tennis. ISBN: 0606116028 Relevant URLs:
Author: Cruise, Robin. Title: The Top-Secret Journal of Fiona Claire Jardin Published: Harcourt Brace, c1998 Description: 160 pp. : 0.73"x7.79"x5.78" Notes: "Robin Cruise lets us peek inside the journal of Fiona Claire Jardin, an exceptional girl who is hilariously honest about her likes and dislikes, her friends, her teachers, and the ups and downs of having divorced parents." Subjects: Fiction -- Youth -- Divorce -- Families -- Women -- Girls. ISBN: ISBN: 0152013830 Relevant URLs:
Author: Rue, Jim. Title: Time Is Always Up Published: First Time Systems, Tustin, Calif., c1987 Description: 20 pp. : ill. : pamphlet : 3"x6" Notes: "When I am doing what I love and do best, the clock stops. Delicious hours slip by, and a day can pass in a trice. Like anyone else, what I love and do best is living in the world now." Subjects: Time -- Philosophy -- Religion -- Life -- Zen. Other authors: Keith Wong, Illus. Relevant URLs:
Author: Rue, Jim. Title: Home-Based Business : Over 250 Ways to Earn Your Fortune Operating a Business From Your Home Published: Huntington Beach, Calif. : Benchmark Press, c1989 Description: 208 pp. : paperbound : 8 1/2" x 11" Notes: "Dedication to Shanasy and Chelsie and Rustin" Subjects: Business -- Home Businesses -- Marketing -- Accounting -- Computing. Relevant URL:
Author: Rue, Robert N. Uniform Title: It Happened In Bangor : Proceedings and Prospectives of the First Major Conference About the Community College/Community Service Dimension Title: Community Services Through Community Colleges : A Conference Workshop, July 24-1972, The University of Maine at Bangor Published: Norwich, Conn. : Laurel Press, c1978 Description: 142 pp. : paperbound : 5 x 7" LC Call No.: 78-51856 Notes: "This document is dedicated to the millions of American adults whose educational needs are unmet and whose horizons are limited by an unawareness of their own rich potential. - Robert N. Rue" Subjects: Higher Education -- Communities -- Schools -- Public Service. Other authors: Sponsored by Association of Canadian Community Colleges, American Association of Community and Junior Colleges, Mohegan Community College, Connecticut; North Shore Community College, Massachusetts; The University of Maine at Bangor. Relevant URL:
Author: Woldin, Judd. Uniform Title: Raisin. Libretto Title: Raisin : based on Lorraine Hansberry's "A raisin in the sun" / book by Robert Nemiroff and Charlotte Zaltzberg ; music by Judd Woldin; lyrics by Robert Brittan. Published: New York : S. French, c1978. Description: 118 p. : ill. ; 21 cm. Series: French's musical library LC Call No.: ML50.W847 R2 1978 Dewey No.: 782.81/2 19 ISBN: 0573680868 (pbk.) Notes: Libretto. Subjects: Afro-Americans -- History -- 20th century -- Drama. Musicals -- Librettos. Other authors: Nemiroff, Robert. Zaltzberg, Charlotte. Brittan, Robert. Hansberry, Lorraine, 1930-1965. Raisin in the sun. Relevant URLs:
Author: Woldin, Judd (Musical Arrangements). Tile: Unpublished Cole Porter, Vol. II Published: Painted Smiles, LP 1972, CD 1991 Description: Series: Ben Bagley's Cole Porter Collections Notes: Subjects: Other authors: Cast & Material Assembled & Directed by Ben Bagley Relevant URL:

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