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Bible entries of the family of James Alphus Morrow of Piggott, Clay County, Arkansas.

Census records of the households of James Alphus Morrow (1880 and 1900, Clay County, Arkansas) and his father, Marcus Morrow (1860, Polk County, North Carolina).

The mystery of "Clara's girl ovations" discussion with photos.

"Proud of his wife, a former Tucumcari girl" letter to the editor of the Tucumcari News, circa 1930, by A.H. Rue.

Four letters to Rotha, May-June 1935, from her mother, Clara Ada Morrow Brooks Nutt.

Letter of James Lawrence Morrow of Piggott, Arkansas [b. 1913 in Piggott, son of Montraville Morrow and Ida C. Lawrence Morrow, circa 1968, to his sisters Vera Morrow Parrish and Erma Morrow Parrish, both then of Wayne County, Michigan.

Letter of James Lawrence Morrow ibid., 4 February 1974, to 1c2r Thomas Rue then of Lawrenceville, New Jersey (similar content as above letter).

Four letters to Rotha, May-June 1935, from her mother, Clara Ada Morrow Brooks Nutt.

Autobiographical statement by Opal Brooks Rue, 1975.

A story of your grandmother, Opal, by Rotha B. MacKay, 1976.

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