Brooks family documents on this site . . .

Descendants of John Brooks, Sr., Esq. (1689-1775), descendant report in "register book" format compiled and posted by Thomas Rue on 25 Jan. 2003; details on living persons excluded.

Gravestone of Joab Brooks in Chatham County, North Carolina. Photo swiped from the website of Mr. Jim Brooks, with thanks.
Son of John Brooks Sr., Esq. and Susan Brooks

A Brooks lineage, summary by Thomas Rue, 1996.

Marriage certificate of Miss Florence Billingsley to J.W. Brooks, 17 Sep. 1871, Bell Co. Tx. [72k JPEG image], scan of a record on microfilm at LDS Genealogical Library, Salt Lake City.

Excerpts from Daybook of Joseph Winfield "Jay" Brooks (1877-1913), which includes a table labeled "Clara's Girl Ovations" (photos inserted), apparently constructed in the young couple's successful effort to conceive a male child after two girls. The book, dated 1909 to 1913, was in his pocket when he was killed by lightning. Jay was the son of Joab W. Brooks and Florence R. Billingsley.

Autobiographical statement of Caleb Sewell "Kay" Brooks (1884-1983), son of Joab W. Brooks and Florence Rosalee Billingsley, written February 10, 1979 on the 72nd anniversary of his wedding to Ivy Temple Johnson.

Autobiographical statement of Jessie Bryant Brooks (1894-1988) of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, son of Joab W. Brooks and Florence R. Billingsley; letter to Thomas Rue dated October 24, 1975.

Opal A. Brooks vs. William H. Crosby, August 3, 1926 to August 27, 1927 at Tucumcari, New Mexico.

My Golden School Days, scrapbook of Opal Brooks Rue, (1909-1979), daughter of Joseph Winfield Brooks and Clara A. Morrow, covering the period 1926 to 1931.

Four letters to Rotha, May-June 1935, from her mother, Clara Ada Morrow Brooks Nutt.

Fragmentary notes from Opal Brooks Rue (1909-1979), daughter of Joseph Winfield Brooks and Clara A. Morrow, to her husband, Arthur Rue, dated 1959 et seq.

Autobiographical Statement by Opal Brooks Rue (1909-1979), written in 1976; and A story of your grandmother, Opal by Rotha Brooks MacKay (1911-), also wrritten in 1976, addressed to Thomas Rue.

Diary of Opal Brooks Rue (1909-1979), a few weeks in August 1976.

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