affirmations of faith
Affirmations of Faith

1. I BELIEVE in one Deity, without body, parts or gender, filling the immensity of space, comprised of all that exists; and manifesting in animate and inanimate forms as innumerable as the heavenly stars.

2. I BELIEVE that Deity is most clearly experienced in the form of human love for another. In perfect love there is no sin.

3. I BELIEVE that people are responsible to themselves and society to live to the fullest, to love self and others, share joy, to make the best of their circumstances, and to be an active force for social change in their communities.

4. I BELIEVE in a social morality defined by effects on others and on the planet. Divine nature is most obscured to humanity by acts of violence and malice.

5. I BELIEVE in being honest with myself and with others; in being trustworthy, loyal, and in meriting the confidence of friends.

6. I BELIEVE that humanity is, by nature, good. Since there was no fall, there can be no redemption and no proxy atonement for sin.

7. I BELIEVE in forgiving others their shortcomings, and hope for the same in return.

8. I BELIEVE that divine worship and work are most clearly accomplished through human service and community involvement.

9. I BELIEVE that all people are equal before the Divine. Likewise, all people deserve equal protection under the constitutions and laws of civil government.

10. I BELIEVE that it is the duty of free citizens to obey the laws of the society in which they live. Where those laws conflict with conscience, responsibility lies with the individual to act according to Will and to accept the consequences of disobedience.

11. I BELIEVE that each person is a free agent unto themselves, capable of learning and growing, and responsible to themselves and society for their choices. Divine light is shared with each sufficient to their needs, with no necessity of an annointed intermediary or priesthood.

12. I BELIEVE that the children of Earth are accountable for their stewardship of this planet.

13. I BELIEVE that as individual consciousness dissolves upon temporal death, substance and energy continues eternally as Divine elements. Reunion with the planet is the fate of all living beings.

Copyright 1986, Tom Rue, with minor revisions, 1996 and 2003.

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