Monticello Masonic Lodge history
History of Monticello Lodge No. 532, F. & A. M.
Wor. David S. Starr, First Master of Monticello Lodge #532

The above photograph of Wor. Bro. David Starr, the first Master of Monticello Lodge No. 532, which formerly hung in the Tyler's room of the Lodge hall in Monticello, now resides in the Lodge room of the Liberty Masonic Building.

Monticello Lodge No. 532 of Free & Accepted Masons, which convenes regularly on the third floor at 5 Eagle Drive, Liberty, New York, began meeting in Monticello during the year 1862; immediately succeeding Sullivan Lodge No. 460 which was chartered in 1858. The area's initial Masonic Temple, atop the old Curley Hotel at the current site of the Nowhere Bar across from Village Hall (Broadway & Pleasant St.), housed Sullivan Lodge #272, upon which construction commenced in 1805 -- only months after the first house here was completed. The first Temple, demolished in the blaze of 1909 which took much of the village, was replaced by the present structure that same year. Freemasonry is engrained in the local culture.

The earliest recorded lodge in Sullivan County was Sullivan No. 272 which was warranted at Monticello, January 2, 1817. This Lodge and Bloomingburg Lodge No. 310, which was warranted June 24, 1818, both existed during James Monroe's "Era of Good Feeling" and enjoyed prosperous days until the Morgan affair and Anti-Mason groups caused membership to dwindle and interest to wane, to the extent that Sullivan Lodge failed to report to Grand Lodge after June, 1829. Four years before Bloomingburg made its last report. Grand Lodge was patient and waited until June 1835 before it passed a resolution for forfeiture of the Sullivan charter, and June 1833 before it took similar action with the Bloomingburg Lodge.

These were the only lodges to exist in Sullivan County until 1858 when Lodge 460, the one to which Monticello Lodge No. 532 is the successor, was chartered. Callicoon Lodge No. 521; Mongaup Lodge No. 816 (which merged to form Liberty Lodge No. 521); Delaware Lodge 561, Livingston Manor Lodge 791, and Fallsburg Lodge No. 1122 all originated since that time.

Requests for genealogical information concerning deceased members of lodges in the Grand Lodge of New York may be made through the Livingston Masonic Library.

Published Works.

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Dot Souvenir of Monticello Masonic Fair and Carnival, July 20-23, 1920.
Monticello Lodge #532, F.&A.M.
Village of Monticello History

Old Photos of Monticello

Carnival and Fair Program
Carnival and Fair Committees
Republican Watchman display ad

Lodge History.

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Masonic Veterans.
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A Matter Of Grave Concern.
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General Masonic Interest.
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